Discover some of the wonderful and exciting places Barbados has to offer!

Welchman Hall Gully

One of the many nature reserves. This beautiful national attraction is a deep ravine which was planted back in the 1860’s. Here you can find many citrus, spice-bearing, and even rare trees. You can take a fascinating walk through one of the deep ravines. The path leads along limestone walls thick with vegetation. Walk through the jungle, pass a massive pillar (>4 ft, formed by joining of stalactite and stalagmite, considered one of the largest in the world), palms, nutmegs, continue through an open area. And above all enjoy the beautiful views!

The Flower Forest

It consists of a 50 acre tropical garden, situated on Richmond Plantation 850 ft high. Here you can find a great variety of tropical fruit trees, like, breadfruit, nutmeg, Barbados cherry, soursop, guava, etc. Also colorful tropical flowers like red ginger, petrea coral lilies. Along the footpath benches can be found to enjoy the spectacular views. A reward awaits you in the bar where you can have some of those well deserved exotic fruit drinks at the bar.


If you want to take a stroll in shady gardens containing a variety of beautiful flowers, go to Farley Hill National Park in St. Peter, The Flower Forest or Andromeda Gardens in St. Joseph and Orchid World.


Take a cruise on the ever popular Jolly Roger Pirate Cruises. It is non stop fun and adventure in cruising and the trip is definitely worth your while.

Submarine Adventure

Experience a great adventure with Atlantis Submarines. Explore the amazing sea life at depths up to 150 feet below the surface in air-conditioned comfort.

Other Attractions

Other fine attractions include Gun Hall Signal Station, The Barbados Wildlife Reserve, Swimming with the Turtles and the Animal Flower Cave.